Snee-Key is a very clever piece of software, Snee-Key will allow you as an administrator to audit and retreive all the licence keys, ip addresses and Operating system of all PCs on your domain.

Snee-Key can also enable the RemoteRegistry service prior to getting the keys, once the information has been Sneeked it can be exported to a .CSV file for further work.

Snee-Key has a local retreiver too, with the ability to Sneek, show then upload the local PC data to a remote SQL database if required.

Feel free to check out Snee-Key instruction manual

Selecting the 'Sneek Domain PCs' will open the screen below, here you can either list the Active directory PCs or Sneek the Domain, if you are not on any domain then Snee-Key domain will exit.

Once you start Snee-King you can minimise Snee-Key to the system tray and will be informed when Snee-Key has finished Snee-King, if you have any 'Not Available' results then try checking the 'Activate RemoteRegistry service', Snee-Key will try to enable the RemoteRegistry service on each PC before trying to Sneek the product key.

Snee-Key has the ability to 'disable' the Remote Registry service once Sneeked, if your Domain is protected then simply enter the administrator user name and password to enable and disable the RemoteRegistry service.

Snee-Key can also upload the Sneeked keys tp your SQL server, the upload will not include any 'Not available' or 'Cannot retreive' results,If you are in a network with no internet connection, simply export your list then import and upload the keys once you have internet access.

Domain Snee-Key

Snee-Key Local will allow you to retreive local data from the PC your running on, you can Sneek and upload to a SQL database or Sneek and show details or even enter the product key manually incase the sticker is different from the retreived key.

Local Snee-Key