What it is

By using Lockout you are able to 'LOCK' your desktop and leave a specific program UI running, with LockOut you can rest assured your desktop is locked.

LockOut is ideal for those PCs that run specific software UIs constantly but could be closed by a user that has the shutdown password or anyone with access to a keyboard, with LockOut running no user can access the desktop icons or taskbar even from CTRL+ALT+DEL, the only way to access the desktop is to enter a password.


LockOut also has a shortcut command in the event that a user reboots the PC, place a shortcut in the startup folder with the command parameter of '-hide' and LockOut will autostart and hide all desktop icons and thetaskbar.

As an help with any audits or diagnostics LockOut will keep a log of all selections for history checks.

Feel free to download LockOut by clicking the link below - Please note all updates will be posted to LockOut for free updates and features,